Meet Brian White

Brian Marc White founded his luxury bespoke custom clothing line in 2019. Brian has been designing custom menswear since 2012. His career started as a fashion consultant for a well-known Men’s luxury Menswear company. Brian is an image consultant and Bespoke Clothier that specializes in relieving busy professionals of their professional and causal wardrobe decisions.

During his time working for a high-end menswear store, Brian has helped over 1,000 clients look their best for work, weddings, award ceremonies, black tie events, and special date nights with their spouses.

After years of helping men with their image, Brian discovered that most men don’t have the time or interest in keeping up with the latest fashion trends and would prefer to have a professional assist in making meaningful fashion decisions. Brian understands the importance of creating a memorable first impression.

Numerous entrepreneurs, lawyers, consultants, CEOs, business executives, and professional athletes have taken their image to the next level by integrating Marc White Bespoke clothing into their everyday attire. Tailored Clothing from Marc White Bespoke makes your outfit unforgettable.

Marc White Bespoke is committed to customer satisfaction and is the ultimate destination for luxury menswear. He is passionate about making you look and feel your best even if that means steering you away from your comfort zone and guiding you to step outside your box to achieve your Image goals.

We see clients by appointment only and would love to introduce you to the best fitting suit you will ever buy.

Frequently asked questions

We are certified Master Bespoke Clothiers.  All Marc White Bespoke suits are created using the bespoke process.


can mean anything. Choosing a colored lining or fancier buttons gives a suit maker the right to call it “custom.”  Bottom line, “custom” means you’ve had some say in the suit (even something as small as a button color), but the suit isn’t necessarily made for your body.


means there are a number of symmetrical adjustments (+/-) in girth(s) and length(s) to a pre-existing pattern. Because of this, ‘made-to-measure’ adjustments are limited. They typically cannot make adjustments for shoulder slope, posture, or any significant asymmetrical irregularities in your body, which are common. 


refers to the process of creating a unique, original pattern specific to a client’s body structure.  Unfortunately, the word “bespoke” has lost the impact it once had in the industry; most custom clothiers will claim to deliver a bespoke garment, but nearly all of them use a made-to-measure process. We are certified Master Bespoke Clothiers, and each of our clients experience a true bespoke process and product from start to finish.

Not only do our clients choose each and every detail, but each garment is hand-cut, hand-sewn, and suits each individual to exact specifications.  With bespoke clothing, our clients are able to see and (most importantly) feel the difference.

Bespoke is all we do, so regardless of your body type, your budget, your fabric selection, etc., you’ll know you are wearing and experiencing a true bespoke garment if it has our label inside.

Your initial fitting will take about 1 hour and then the garment will take 4-5weeks to be produced. This subject to season.

We do have the capability to “rush” an order, and can deliver faster than our typical turnaround.  If a rush order is something you’d require, please let us know. 

If purchasing a suit at a department store or chain retailer, you will be offered lower quality garments often sold by less informed sales people (and completely machine made. In contrast, the finer suits in better department stores often cost two or three times the price of a mid-range custom garment. When you go to a seasoned custom clothier, they will offer expert guidance, knowledge, and a selection of high quality fabrics and details. Your custom suit will fit better and provide the wearer with a unique garment unavailable in most stores.

We do not provide suit rentals, but we offer a discounted suit package for your wedding party. The opening price for this package is $699. This includes a custom suit, Shirt, and bow tie or neck tie. This suit is a custom suit but is not our standard handmade bespoke suit. We use a made to measure process. This suit price is only available if the groom purchases a bespoke suit. We have payment plans available for your wedding party. 

Yes! We make custom suits, shirts/blouses, skirt suits, jackets, overcoats, etc.

Our prices are extremely competitive, and often times lower than our competition, especially when it comes to our higher end fabrics like Dormeuil, Scabal, Holland & Sherry, etc. We are transparent with our pricing both online and during fittings. See our opening prices and packages (custom suits, shirts, sportcoats, jeans, etc.) – here.  Most often, clients opt to upgrade their fabrics beyond our opening price point; in this scenario we still “package” items purchased and are able to work with any budget. 

If our introductory price point ($1375) is outside your budget, we still want to hear from you; depending on your needs, we may be able to accommodate you. Please still inquire.

Pricing is based on two factors: 

  1. The yardage needed to make the garment 
  2. The cost/yard of the fabric chosen. 

Our starting price is $1275 is starting price is based on an entry level fabric and is an average. Once we measure you we calculate the exact yardage needed to give the exact garment cost.

We offer custom jeans, sportcoats, trousers, overcoats, custom sweaters, ties, shoes, pocket squares, and Polo Shirts.

We recommend you be at a reasonably stable weight before scheduling a fitting. That being said, upon delivery and final fitting of your piece(s), we will cover any fit alterations if needed.

We work with people all over the country. Our showroom is in Columbus, Oh but we will travel to your city to meet your custom clothing needs. Please reach out to schedule a meeting in your city.

1-2 times per year.  Dry cleaning chemicals are harsh and deteriorate your fine cloth over time.  You’ll start to notice an unattractive “shine” to your suits, a clear indication that a garment has been dry cleaned too often.

Instead of frequent dry cleaning, you should ask for a “steam press” and spot clean when needed.  The high temperature from the steam kills most bacteria & odor.  The press will leave your suit looking fresh and clean.  We recommend a steam press every 3 wears of a suit.

Your 100% cotton custom shirt is designed with an allowance for shrinkage.  In 3-5 washings, your shirt will fit in the way it was intended.  

For best results, take light-colored shirts to the cleaners and ask for them to be professionally laundered.  Dark colored shirts should be dry-cleaned to preserve the color.  If you prefer to care for your shirts at home, they can be washed in warm water, tumble dried, and pressed with a warm iron.