The Process

take home the perfect bespoke garment

Virtually or in Show-Room

The Bespoke Process

Your Bespoke experiences starts with a dialogue

Prior to your first meeting have an idea of what you would like to order. It doesn’t have to be specific. The creative details of your order will naturally spring from our initial conversation you have, but you’ll want to know how you plan to use this garment. Will this be a business suit for work or a wedding suit? Are you expecting to wear this suit during the colder or warmer months? Would you like something that you can comfortably wear for travel? Knowing these things beforehand will help our team recommend fabric swatches that will satisfy your needs. From here, we can begin to discuss styling details. Our goal is to make your experience a collaborative effort to create the perfect garment for you.

Measuring Process

Over 40 measurements are captured for our tailors to perfect your suit. Apart from these measurements we use a special range of instruments to measure different aspects of the body. For instance differences in shoulder incline, rounded back, and stooped head. Everything is then taken into consideration to provide the perfect drape and visual appearance. A custom card pattern is created for each client and retained on file future orders.

First Fitting ​

A few weeks later, your first ‘basted’ fitting will be ready. At this point the garment will be a skeleton, sewn together with white baste stitching. The garment is then stripped down, re-marked and re-sewn ready for your next fitting, basted fittings are the norm for a new customer, but are unusual for returning customers. This fitting allows our tailors to make any structural alterations necessary to perfect the garment’s fit. ​

Final Fitting/Take Home your Custom Clothing​

4-6 weeks later take home your new custom garment after we make slight adjustments if needed. You will receive hand-matched tie and accessory recommendations to compliment your new garments.

If you need items rushed we can accommodate.